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pokemon ranger:shadows of almia guide(not yet complete)

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pokemon ranger:shadows of almia guide(not yet complete)

Post by bluey~chikko on Sat Feb 27, 2010 4:54 am

~*~*~*~*~pokemon ranger-Shadows of Almia~*~*~*~*~
also mentioned as pokemon ranger SoA

ARC 1=ranger school
you'll choose your player first, male or female does not affect your entire game......
at the school, you'll begin on catching a pichu, it's easy! only watchout the electric zaps, 3 direction small thunder, after you catch it, you'll talk with kaplan, the teacher who teach about capturing pokemons, then, ms.april will come, she'll bring you to your class, and then.......BORING TALK of introduction, then, rhytmi will guide you to the school, again.....BORING quest....see the door? wanna go out? explore the school first, go to all rooms, TING-TING-TING! the bell rings! go out and go to the west building, capturing section class! you'll be teached by the female person about target clear(a thing that can be crushed/pushed or something else that will open a path or something else)go outside, janice lost her bidoofs!(no offense but why a school is full of beavers? zoo or school?)you must catch all!
even you're capturing more than 4 bidoofs, keith will catch 5 bidoofs, UNFAIR
after that go to ascension square(go to east, then go to south, you'll see a ladder)but, before that, if you want to capture pokemons and level up your styler, catch pokemon outside! after going to ascension square, bell will rings! class ended today! at night, keith will invite you to make a mail for your sis(spoiler=he's liar, he want you to have a challenge, second mr.kincaid is your enemy soon, team dim sun member, BETRAYER)but, you must have a challenge!
"return the stylers!", pick all 4 styler that is in the school room, and place it on the basement here are the stylers:
1.catch the bidoof on the hallway, go to library, and pick the styler on the table of northwest corner :3
2.go to principal room, catch the pichu, you'll find the second styler on the pichu
3.go to mr.kincaid's class, pick the styler on the northwest corner again :3
4.go to your own class, crush the crate on the north, crush the left ones, tadaaa! you'll find a styler :3
then, go to basement, the left ones of the stairs, catch a zubat then, crush the woodfence, go to front of the door, you'll meet 4 gastlies! catch them, mr.kincaid will angry to you! keith and you will run.......;_;
congratz! you finished that creepy night mission!

next day..............

OUTDOOR CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!
hooray! we will go to ascension square and do........“Question-&-Answer
Session of Terror”! xD! who will be questioned? CRAWFORD! he is a ranger from vientown city!


ask some question from me on all part include the quest, where that pokemon will be

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