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announcment to all gym leaders!

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announcment to all gym leaders! Empty announcment to all gym leaders!

Post by Fox on Sun Mar 21, 2010 11:32 am

I think its time for Gym leaders to post there rules so that we know what types are taken and how many gym leaders we have....i have derviced a little example (see below) of what the forum should contain.


(insert your name here) (gyms type here) Gym (gym can be changed to other things, e.g powerplant, asylum, volcano, mansion, ect), e.g fox's dark aquarium

a little intoduction into the gym ~ this can include a little short story about your gym, what kind of gym you are, and say what kind of battle you are looking for, ect

Your rules ~ state the gym's rules, you must link the standard rules page if you want to include them, or just copy and past. you may add any rules you seem fit, but if an admin desides your rule is a bit unfair you maybe asked to change it.

extra ~ you may want to put a picture of you badge, say what times your gym is open, ect.

winners and/or losers list ~ this is just to help admins to know who has beaten your gym, also if someone has not beaten you, and they say they did, we can refer to this list as proof so keep this list up to date as possible.

extras ~ keep your gym looking nice by adding banners, the more colours makes your gym looks nice and attractive to members.

good luck to all the gym leaders

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