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Post by Fox on Thu Jan 07, 2010 5:29 am

These are the rules to follow around the forum:

0) Love Everybody - The most important rule, so important that it is number zero. Love everybody unconstitutionally.

1) Respect others - Respect your piers and the staff. The staff don't make the forum its the members who do, the staff are made to make sure everyone is happy.

2) No spamming - Please don't "Chat speak" in a post, or spam (stupid pointless annoying message) unless in the spam forum, aslong it keeps with the rules.

3) Please be appropriate-Please try and use appropriate language, pictures, etc. No cursing. The only curses acceptable only at certain times are: dang and heck. Also you may curse if you cover it up, for example F**k. Also Dont swear towords a member, example "F**k you, member" this is not acceptable, unless both parties understand it maybe a joke.

4) No advertising - You may tell people about certain sites and give them links to videos/other media, but do not advertise a forum you made. Not even partner forums, if members feel the urge to join a forum they may click your button. If you get a PM or see anyone advertising, please report it to a moderator or admin and you may be rewarded.

5) No plagiarism- Do not steal others work, if someone on the forum made you a banner, or avatar just put something in you signature saying you did not make it, if you get the picture of google images, then thats ok. Also if someone made a picture on another forum you maybe on, don't take it and post it here as your own.

6) Since this is a children's site we do not suggest posting pictures of yourself unless your trust them completely. Giving out your gender, age, or state is considered fine, but not postcode, or streetname, just the country/ state you live in.

7) No begging-Do not beg someone to battle/trade you, and no begging to be a mod or an admin. Begging will lower you chances of getting admin/mod/CBmod, or even asking to be one, we will come to you if we (the admins think that you are good enough).

Cool Please speak English.... no foreign languages, this is a site made in English, so speak it please.

9) Have fun- Stay active this site, like i said before members make the site, so more members means more fun. Also enjoy the felicities we have.

10) Do not revive dead topics. A dead topic is one that has not had any posts in 3 or more weeks. Don't post in them.

11) Do not double, triple, quadruple, etc. post. If you have something to add, use the edit button. The only place you may double post is in YOUR art thread(s), trading thread(s), Breeding center(s),and fan fic(s).

12) Do not post obscene or pornographic pictures/videos, or make links to such. (This is a PERMA-BAN offense.)

13) You are responsible for your account. If you have nosy siblings, we recommend that you log out when you are done with your visit. In other words, we will not accept the excuse "Oh, my little brother/sister/mean friend/evil monster under the bed posted all those mean messages the other day! Don't ban me!" The admins, and mods will have to rely on judgement of how well you have been. and if the admin or mod on duty can trust you.

14) No Duplicate Accounts. If you make one while you are banned, you will be PERMA-Banned. If you make one while not being banned, your new account will be perma-banned, and your original account will have a 75% warning bar increase.

15) Do not mini-mod. Mini-modding is when you see a post that violates a rule, and you say something along the lines of "Oh, you're not supposed to spam!" "Oh, this is in the wrong forum". Our job as admins/mods is to take care of these things.

16) Please keep avatar and sig sizes to a normal size. We don't want to see any oversized ones. Avatars should be kept around 200x200 pxls and signatures should have good judgment. If they take up half or more of the page they're too big. 300 or so pixels in height by 600 or so wide is about average acceptable size.

17) Do not post excessive smilies, even in the spam forum. It may make some people's internet connection go very slow, or can make their web browser freeze.

18) Do not make links that mislead people to something not implied or described by the explanation given.

19) Do not post flashy pictures that rapidly change colors, as they can give certain people seizures.

20) Do not have any religious or political talk as it often leads to arguments.

21) Do not make excessively long posts anywhere in the forums! This includes the spam board.

22) No drug talk. Again, this is a children's forum where most of our users are not age-mature enough to read such material. This includes alcohol and the like.

Please try and follow these rules, if you break them too many times... there WILL BE consequences. And I know this seems like a lot, but it's all to make your visit to Pokemonis4ever as enjoyable as possible.

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