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Pokemon Giveaway (January - April)

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Pokemon Giveaway (January - April)

Post by Erebos on Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:39 pm

Here's how the Pokemon Giveaway works:-

  • To get your pokemon, you simply need to come online (on either the forum or the website or both) and contact myself (Erebos), or the owner of the forum and the site (Articuno).

The pokemon given away will usually revolve around a theme of some sort, and so, to celebrate the US and European release of Pokemon games Heart Gold and Soul Silver, we will be giving away Johto starters during an extended giveaway period between the months of January and April.

Below are the Johto starters along with their evolutionary chains:

Here's some more info on each individual Johto starter pokemon:

Cyndaquil is the fire-type starter and is capable of defending itself by using the fire on its back. The fire grows more powerful as the Cyndaquil becomes more angry or defensive. Cyndaquil are usually timid, but its actual behavior depends on its personality. It lives in groups and tends to hide in dangerous situations.

Chikorita is the grass-type starter and is able to create vines and leaves to attack with. The leaf on its head has the ability to check the temperature and humidity of the surrounding air. Chikorita, like many Grass Pokémon, are very docile and prefer to avoid fights by using the aromatherapeutic properties of the large leaf on its head.

Totodile is the water-type starter and has powerful jaws for a Pokemon of its size. Totodile have a genuine playfulness about them and a habit of biting anything they see. Totodile are always ready for a good laugh and a joke too. There is a tough side to Totodile though, as it can quickly react to difficult situations in a battle.

Should you wish to collect your Johto starter, or have any questions about the Pokemon Giveaway, you can post below.

Be sure to collect your Johto starter pokemon before the end of April!


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